08 mai 2008

video part

The good The bad and the Queen - Kingdom of doom

[x] Spot Antena 3 pentru anul alegerilor Clipul este genial... Doar, ca mai lipseste Patriarhul, care a dresat oitele sa ingenuncheze. Melodia se numeste : russian folk songs - volga boatmen's song.
[x] Booka Shade - Carma Car.
[x] Fuck Buttons - Sweet love For Planet Earth.
[x] Sascha Funke - Duble Checked.
[x] Ellen Allien - Down.

[x] Marcy Playground - Sherry Fraser (This is most definitely about his ex-girlfriend. She helped him create the first Marcy Playground album. She is now the lead singer of Two Ton Boa.)
[x] or my favorite from
Marcy Playground - Sex and Candy.

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