30 septembrie 2009


from the very first breath you drew
you blow away like dust


29 septembrie 2009

O auzii la radio si acu inca o gasesc in golul amintirilor , aceasta melodie superba

Vedeti si filmul ,neaparat!

Am mai postat acu un an,dar insist asupra filmului o capodopera.

27 septembrie 2009

Let's all get drunk tonight

Ce le scoate ...

decodare nokia

Cum poti decoda un telefon nokia codat pe orange,vodafone,cosmote etc.

In primu rand faci rost de seria IMEI care se afla in interiorul telefonului sau scrie asa *#06# : ar trebui sa fie ceva de genu 351881013151422.Apoi intra pe unlock.it si urmeaza pasii de acolo.

Eu asa am reusit sa il decodez de pe site-ul unlock.it .Din pacate se pare ca numai 1 deblocare e gratuita, urmatoarele necesitand niste donatii.Daca aveti ip dinamic sau ceva de genu cred ca puteti de mai multe ori incerca.

Mai puteti incerca pe util.forump.

25 septembrie 2009

inspiration and art

from the film 'Modigliani'

Music : Sasha Lazard - Ode To Innocence

Alte linkuri :

[x] Je te promets (RMX) par Zaho
[x] Teeth - short film (multi award winning)
[x] Reflections of a Skyline
[x] Halston Fall 2009
[x] Ennio Morricone - Once upon a time in the West
[x] Lacuna coil enjoy the silence
[x] Portuguese Music. Dulce Pontes

22 septembrie 2009

some sweet for you

Yes boss
I`m under mike
I`ll try to give you what you like
I can be soft
I can be hot
Let me do the B part
Please, please

Nici nu apuci sa vezi bine clipu ca cooperativa adsense ataca...

Lista muzica :

[x] The River by Nitin Sawhney
[x] In-Grid - Le Dragueur HQ
[x] DaB You and Me
[x] Helicopter Girl - Angel City

21 septembrie 2009

wanted black & white movies

Lista filme | The best they are :

[x] Schindler's List
[x] I Singing in the rain
[x] Un Maledetto Imbroglio
[x] Tadeusz Kantor, avant-garde theater
[x] Coffee and Cigarettes
[x] Sabrina
[x] Diary Of Anne Frank
[x] The real Bicycle Thief
[x] Celebrity - woody allen - clases de sexo
[x] Citizen Kane
[x] Manhattan 1979
Stage Door
[x] Rumble Fish
[x] People Will Talk
[x] What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?
Sunset Boulevard
[x] The wild one 1953
[x] The Apartment, 1960
[x] Ed Wood (1994)
[x] Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
[x] City Lights
[x] The Philadelphia Story
[x] Down by law
[x] Around the World in 80 Days
[x] A Hard Day's Nigh
[x] Jean-Luc Godard, Bande à part, 1964
[x] Jean-Luc Godard: Masculin féminin (1966)
[x] Le samourai
[x] The sicilian clan
[x] L'Insoumis
[x] Alphaville
[x] Twelve Angry Men
[x] Rear Window
[x] On the Waterfront
[x] A Streetcar Named Desire
[x] The Shop Around The Corner
[x] Breakfast at Tiffany's
[x] Modern Times
[x] Maltese Falcon
[x] Roman Holiday
[x] Man Bites Dog
[x] Coventry - Captains Courageous 1937
[x] Brief Encounter
[x] Some like It hot 1959
[x] It's A Wonderful Life
[x] Casablanca
[x] The 400 blows
[x] To Kill A Mockingbird


Others movie selected : not white and black

[x] Gone with the wind
[x] City Island
[x] Jean Pierre e Luc Dardenne - L' Enfant
[x] The Stepfather
Valentine's Day
[x] Up in the Air
[x] Saverio Costanzo - Private
Pensavo fosse amore... invece era un calesse
[x] Mio fratello è figlio unico
[x] Blake Edwards - The Pink Panther
[x] Life is Beautiful for Roberto Benigni
[x] Charade
[x] Lacombe, Lucien
[x] The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie

20 septembrie 2009

Superba,e comerciala da nu o mai puneti toti pe telefoane ca ma doare capu

blue period