30 septembrie 2007

moments /

Sa-mi dea domnul
Puterea de-a accepta
Ce nu pot schimba,
De-a schimba ce pot
Si intelepciunea
De-a pricepe
Ce pot si ce nu

29 septembrie 2007


Sorry Blame it on me - Akon with lyrics

A State of Trance 319

26 septembrie 2007

"Friends, And Love" (music by Peter Wallner)

A boy is in love. He is in love with his two best friends, a boy and a girl. The visual storytelling of his internal struggle and relationship with them. The story of friends, and love.
song by: Peter Wallner

Written, Directed, and Captured by: Austin R. Hartman
Starring: Bryn Phillips, Kelly Kay, Peter Wallner.

Donald Trump

un discurs motivational a lui Donald Trump... Think Big and You Won't Get Fired :)



25 septembrie 2007

Kurt Vonnegut

"Life is no way to treat an animal."

Diritti Umani: 22° - Sicurezza Sociale

eJobs masajul

Danny the Joker @ Palace Cafe

Vineri 28 septembrie 2007

Toby - Tengo un amor

dans scheletic /

chiar daca e vechi e funny

Baba terorista

eventual si o grenada :))

test @ 2007

iaca a inceput scoala..am si ceva pentru voi un mic test asa de "inteligenta" :))

1.Cate minute mai sunt pana la ora 12,daca acum 40 de minute numarul minutelor era de patru ori mai mare decat al minutelor trecute de ora 10?

2.Ce numar ar trebui sa inlocuiasca semnul de intrebare ?,pentru a continua secventa?
100; 96,5; 92; 86,5; ? .

3.Tony si Cherie au laolalta o suma de bani,in raportul 2:5.Daca Cherie are 195$,cati bani au laolalta?

4.Daca varsta lui Peter + varsta lui Paul = 39
si varsta lui Peter + varsta lui Mary = 44
si varsta lui Paul + varsta lui Mary = 47
ce varsta au Peter,Pauk si Mary?

5.Care este fractia ireductibila obtinuta daca impartim 3/11 la 18/44 ?

Atentie pentru a vedea raspunsurile selectati spatiul gol

1. 16 minute. Ora 12 minus 16 minute = ora 11:44.
Ora 11:44 minus 40 minute = ora 11:04.
Ora 11:04 minus 64 minute ( 4 x 16) = ora 10

2. 80 (scadeti 3,5; 4,5; 5,5; 6,5.

Fiecare parte este 273/(2+5) = 39 $.Prin urmare,partea lui Cherie este 5 x 39
si partea lui Tony este 2 x 39 = 78.

4.Peter - 18
Paul - 21
Mary - 26

5. 2/3
3/11 x 44/18 = 1/1 x 4/6 = 2/3.

o sa mai revin cu teste

book Philip Carter "teste de inteligenta si psihometrice - meteor press "Iq and Psychometric Tests.Asset Your Personality,Aptitude and Intelligence. indubitabil :))

23 septembrie 2007

born to be pimp

Eavesdrop on a room from 1,000 miles away

Hear what's going on from 1,000's of miles away with a cell phone. Bug a home, office, or your teens car......

step 1What you need:
1. Cell Phone
2. Headset PLUG IN TYPE (Not bluetooth)
3. Power Cord (optional)
4. A place to hide the phone (sometimes optional)

Eavesdrop On A Room From 1,000 Miles Away. - video powered by Metacafe

Kanikuły Original Russia Video

Sore Losers

iar chinezii astia :))

tupeu de maimuta,funny shit

pics horror

cum naiba sa iti faci asa poze,lol,aghiasma va rog

21 septembrie 2007

let go 5

5 melodii saptamanal

The Chemical Brothers - Do it again

David Morales - Elektro Biotica (Original Mix)

Rejected - Cliche (Original Mix)

Jona, Nutownprojekt - Ashes & Dust (Original Mix)

Dejonka - Memento (Yassin & Arne Remix)

19 septembrie 2007

Sorriso de Flor-Rafael Pondé

a drum n bass hit

Rise Up

18 septembrie 2007

Chris Crocker - Britney, this is for you.

song: Gimme More - Britney Spears!

17 septembrie 2007

Pervers sau nu

thanks to ana

Top youtube

sursa [x]

budai beer.variant 2-a

16 septembrie 2007


un site dragutz cu filmulete Hornet Inc.

precum acest clip

With a look that subverts conventional advertising slickness, this spot uses archival Beatlemania footage and lively, original performances to show what happens to men confronted with Wendy’s latest burger: The Baconator.

office buddies

Office Buddies is a series of ongoing shorts about two mortal enemies cruelly imprisoned in adjoining cubicles.


sau acest flash animation,nice

crazy instruments


duet pantomima

pantomima grup

ce tare :).

15 septembrie 2007

mori de ras sau de plans