04 mai 2008


Sebastien Tellier - La Ritournelle

[x] Rupa & the April Fishes "Une americaine a Paris" /video

[x] Green peace /video

[x] Pangea Day -- May 10th. (via Acsel)

[x] Creative art

[x] ( will scan your page for any links to mp3s and provide you with a playlist that you can share and post on your own sites.)

[x] metronomy - 1 string strung /video

[x] Au Revoir Simone-The Lucky One or Stay golden

[x] Lada Kalina ,russian brand new car
[x] o sole mio ( superb voices)

and funny

They May Hate Police -

[x] cats compilation
[x] hack train skill
[x] crazy animals

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