28 aprilie 2008

one happy easter


25 aprilie 2008

glorious road of sound


Minitel rose - Continue

Lykke Li - dance dance

Sarah Vaughan - Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Remix)

Lustral - Everytime ( Nalin, Kane - Mix )

The kooks - seaside

Daniel powter - Free loop

Mark Farina - Cali spaces

Lexter - Freedom to love

Fiona apple - across the universe

Ez rollers - walk this land

9mm - Take my life for granted

Yves Montand - Bella ciao (original)

The kooks - sofa song

Chilly white & kenny peach - ok fred

Karma Lounge - Jakatta

Pink martini - everywhere

23 aprilie 2008

Simone White

Simone White : The beep beep song


Triplets of Belleville

English language version of very hip animated cartoon: theme song was nominated for an Oscar the year 'Lord of the Rings' won everything (including dreadful theme song by Annie Lennox)