11 decembrie 2011

Miike Snow

Miike Snow - Devil's Work

puzzle pieces

Saint Motel - Puzzle Pieces

04 noiembrie 2011

Ask Tesadüfleri Sever

Love Likes Coincidences

31 octombrie 2011

Lady in the Midnight Sun

Galaxy Farm - Lady In the Midnight Sun

29 septembrie 2011

the cave

26 septembrie 2011

how to taste whisky

and Link 2

21 septembrie 2011

93 year old man

 93 year Old Man Says Hes Been Smoking Weed Since 1936

(Wife smokes to)

20 septembrie 2011

Romeo Fight Prank

18 septembrie 2011

the kid

The Kid

I give 8.5  for this movie

10 septembrie 2011

I am because we are

Time 1 hour,26min

09 septembrie 2011


06 septembrie 2011

Three 'N One

Three 'N One - You Got Me Fallin (In Love) (Nay Ray Remix)

come and get it

Da Hool - No Love Anymore

Maya Jane Coles - What They Say


[x] Dark Matters feat. Neev Kennedy - Loneliness Won't Leave Me Alone
[x] Pattern Select - Tale Of The Tape (Original Mix)
[x] Nikiforos Yposxesou
[x] Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire
[x] Dabruck & Klein feat. Ollie James - I Found Love 
[x] Three 'N One vs. Javi Mula - Come On Reflect
[x] Mischa Daniels ft. I-Fan - Child Of Love

DJ Shah feat. Inger Hansen - Don't wake me up

Davide Squillace - Crocodile Tears

Jerome Isma-Ae - Hold That Sucker Down

origami box in 90 sec.

Jessie J - Sexy Silk

pattern select