01 mai 2008

Louis la Roche

Louis la roché from the uk is only 17 years old and is on a mission to bring back french house. obviously he is doing a good job, as someone sent his track 'love' to a few blogs claiming that it's a new jam by thomas bangalter from daft punk and he even managed to trick some of the best out there.

Not all of them are actual peak time material but louis la roché definitely conducted some very handy dj-tools and you should just love him for bringing actual french house back to our attention and hopefully to the floors. get the ep right here, along with lovely cover artwork and all:

louis la roché - the peach ep (on sharebee)

if you don't want to go for the whole ep for some reason, here are the individual tracks. 'peach' (what a killer sample!) and 'get on down' are my current favorites but i basically love all of them:

louis la roché - peach
louis la roché - on the floor
louis la roché - love

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