25 mai 2008

some video links

[x] Faze cu animale
[x] Patience take that
[x] Guinness new ad - A short film called hands
[x] GoodBooks - Leni (CrystalsCastles remix) audio
[x] Make Model - The LSB
[x] Captain - Keep An Open Mind ( realeased 5th may)
[x] Hercules and love affair - blind
[x] How to paint Mona Lisa with Ms paint
[x] Extraordinary people - The boy who lived before Pt1 (fake?)
[x] Storytime (1968) Short animation by Monty Python great Terry Gilliam
[x] Classic Movie :
Splendor in the Grass

laurent garnier - wake up

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Maddie spunea...

foarte draguta colectia de poze.
ma bucur ca-ti plac cocorosie. eu le ador.