27 noiembrie 2008

zero seven - in the waiting line

Clips :

[x] A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover
[x] The Dynamics - Seven Nation Army
[x] Michel Cleis - La mezcla
[x] Manu Chao- Homens
[x] Heather Nova - I Miss My Sky
[x] The Sonic Hearts - To Be Someone
[x] CocoRosie - South 2nd
[x] Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby
[x] gabriella cilmi - sanctuary
[x] Stefanie Heinzmann "The Unforgiven
[x] Macy Gray - Relating to a psychopath
[x] Electrovamp - Drinks Taste Better When They're Free
[x] Captain Jack - Turkish Bazar
[x] DJ Format - We know something you don't know
[x] Sia - soon we'll be found

[x] Hungry kitty
[x] The best eyes ever
[x] Levitating Water
[x] Funny accidents
[x] 10-year-old Boy Very in a Fantastic Way Sings
[x] Conan O'brien - great guest moments
[x] Monkey rides a bike
[x] Garage door opener
[x] Nunchaku Ping Pong (Rip Bruce Lee)
[x] Ministry of Transport Finland (commercial)
[x] Stationary bike

Another links :

[x] Studiaza in Danemarca cu 0 EUR/an!
[x] Danemarca / Informaţii privind regimul de vize şi cel vamal
[x] Studiaza in strainatate mai ieftin ca in Romania
[x] Carlito's Way Trailer

Blood and Chips (about racial tension)

"Prietenii sunt o specie josnică. Nu sunt buni decât la două lucruri: să mănânce împreună cu noi şi să ia un aer trist în faţa mormântului nostru."

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