08 octombrie 2008

Bomb the Bass - Butterfingers

Good Movie :
[x] Away from her
[x] Once upon a time in America
[x] Solaris by Andrei Tarkovsky
[x] Ben X

And others :

At the Ends of the Earth

[x] idiots and angels
[x] Gerry The Pacemakers - You'll Never Walk Alone
[x] Bryn Christopher - The Quest (great song...great lyrics)
[x] Quarion - Play Your Part (deep house / chill)
[x] Volare (stupid people)
[x] David Gray - This years love (old)
[x] Why Communism is Bad, Lesson One
[x] Jamie T - If You Got The Money
[x] The gathering- alone
[x] Lupe Fiasco-Go Go Gadget Flow (old but cool)
[x] UNKLE - Burn My Shadow
[x] Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil (Live Kaskad 1962)
[x] Tiefschwarz ft. Oezlem - City Sounds
[x] Mavann - day by
[x] Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back To Your House

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