02 septembrie 2007

` The Boy With The Creature On His Back

There once was a man
Who used to have two heads
He met a pretty girl
And the next day they were wed

The couple had a child
They named him Gregory
But there was something wrong with him
A strange deformity

He had a creature on his back
As ugly as could be
It never smiled or laughed or talked
Just sat there Evilly

The parents didn't like this thing
They wished that it would go
But each time that they cut it off
It would just re-grow

They were afraid of there own son
So poor old Gregory
Was given to an Orphanage
When he was only three

He grew up there quite happily
With all the girls and boys
And he even taught his creature
How to put away his toys

But one day at the orphanage
A new kid had arrived
He looked like quite a bully
There was evil in his eyes

This new kid hated Gregory
And his creature too
He constantly make fun of them
And laugh 'til he was blue

The creature didn't like this kid
And it's patience had grown thin
So it one day ate the new kid up
And swallowed with a grin

The other children screamed in fear
And ran around the room
Then jumped at poor old Gregory
And hit him with a broom

The creature didn't like this
So he let out a great roar
And he ate all of the children
Spilling blood onto the floor

Then the poor boy Gregory
Got up amidst the bones
And he left his home the orphanage
With his creature, all alone