07 decembrie 2010

buddha,soul & chill

Buddha Bar - Desire (Dedicated)

Josh Groban - You Are Loved

Music links :

Tommy Vee & Mauro Ferrucci - Stay

[x] Marina Faib - Goodbye
[x] Buddha Bar - Da Lata
[x] Buddha Bar IV - Ishtar - Comme Toi
[x] Tiziano ferro feat. Mary j.Blige - Each Tear
[x] Buddha Bar Ocean - Wonder of the Storm
[x] Buddha-Bar Ocean - Cetacea
[x] Buddha Bar - Midsummer Night Blue
[x] Relaxation Chill Out Music - Nature Plants
[x] Wonderful Africa Chill Out Music
[x] Wonderful Chill Out Music - Enigma - The Child In Us
[x] Evergreen by Yoann Lemoine - Beautiful music
[x] Cafe Del Mar Aim - Cold Water Music
[x] Cafe Americaine - Solitude charmante
[x] Skyway - Golden Memories

Wonderful Chill Out Music - If You Were Here Tonight

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