08 decembrie 2009

Fifty People One Question
beautiful. just plain, simple beauty.

Good Movies :

[x] Brothers
[x] Goya's Ghosts
[x] The insider
[x] Fur
[x] Tetro
[x] Patton
[x] Stranger Than paradise
[x] Rocket Science

Music :

[x] Morcheeba - Wonder Never Cease
[x] John Dahlback - Bedroom Acts
[x] Asheni - The Look of Love
[x] Schiller - Let Me Love You (with Kim Sanders)
[x] James - Laid
[x] Deja Move - Master Of Seduction

Others :

[x] Who is Ronnie O' Sullivan
[x] Thirteen of the Most Memorable Movie Psychopaths
[x] EnglishRussia
[x] Dollar secrets
[x] Pustiul Galben

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