26 aprilie 2009


The two hundred dollar debate.
From the 1973 movie "Paper Moon" by
Peter Bogdanovich.

Bonus : [x] Duck Soup: Mirror ( It's sequence with Groucho & Harpo)

Withnail and I - heart condition

Music Links :

[x] Pet Shop Boys - Love
[x] Parov Stelar - Monster new Ep
[x] Pier Bucci - Tita
[x] Iggy Pop - The endless sea
[x] Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit
[x] The straglers - In the shadows
[x] Kurt Vile - Freeway
[x] Boy 8-bit - The Cricket Scores
[x] Glimmer Twins - We love you
[x] Grass Roots - Let live for today
[x] Robbers on High street - Japanese girls
[x] Kazufumi Kodama - Gloria
[x] The Killers- Four Winds
[x] Walter Murphy - A Fifth Of Beethoven (Soulwax remix)
[x] Muck and The Mires - Crush on me
[x] Art of noise - Close to the edge
[x] Eddi Reader - Joke
[x] The conglomerate - one star hotel

[x] Pati Yang- red hot black
[x] Chester french - fingers
Kate Voegele - Angel
[x] James Morrison - Please don't stop the rain
[x] Patrick Watson - Drifters
[x] City Lounge (best lounge and chill out music)
[x] Emilie Simon - Fleur de Saison
[x] Take That - Greatest Day
[x] Patrick Watson - The Great Escape
[x] Asher Roth Ft. Slick Rick - Y.O.U
[x] Lady GaGa - Viva La Vida

Animation :

[x] Partea 2-a (superb)

[x] Early to Bet

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