02 februarie 2009

First post 2009

Groove Cats - Once in a lifetime groove

Music :

[x] Laura Izibor - Carousel
[x] Rcola - Raver girl
[x] Russian Gangster Rap
[x] Guru Josh Project - Infinity

Links :

[x] Ultimate drunks compilation

Ingerul digital - documentar

Books :

Daniil Harms - Mi se spune capucin
Frederic Beigbeder - Dragostea durează 3 ani
Nina Killham - Sex, romance si bestselleruri
Dalia Sofer - Septembrie in Shiraz
Diane Setterfield - A treisprezecea poveste

Movie Trailers :

[x] The International
[x] Push
[x] Two lovers
[x] Age of Stupid
[x] Rocknrolla
[x] Adulthood
[x] Confessions of a Shopaholic
[x] Desaccord parfait

Dj Nick & Mc Giany ft. Deep - Can't Stop The Dj

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