11 septembrie 2008

Coming now

Book : Leo Perutz - Calaretul suedez

Trailer Movies :

[x] Romper Stomper [great]
[x] Tadpole
[x] Elegy
[x] Twilight
[x] This is england
[x] The Promotion
[x] Quantum of solace
[x] Eastwood's - Escape from Alcatraz
[x] Taxi Driver [old but good] Robert De Niro
[x] Mean Streets [when i can found this movie]
[x] American Crude
[x] Babylon A.D.

Videos music :

[x] Kaiser Chiefs - Never miss a beat
[x] The Streets - Everything is borrowed
[x] Hot Chip - Wrestlers
[x] Santogold - Light Out
[x] Frank Kvitta ,Awake 2008

Hilarious :

[x] Jim Carrey at Merryl Streep's Afi

Website :

[x] Unkno
[x] Stepp Hardtechno Liveset
[x] Write in chinese

Gadjo - It;s Alright ( Jesse Garcia remix )

Bob Sinclar - What a wonderful world

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