07 iunie 2008

damn that music

The hoosiers - cops and robbers

[x] Amazing video
[x] Ursula 1000 - kinda kinky
[x] M.i.a. - paper planes
[x] Mr hudson & the library - picture of you
[x] Smoke city - underwater love
[x] Joe cocker - dont let me be misunderstood
[x] Girls aloud - long hot summer
[x] The little ones - lovers who uncover
[x] The apples in stereo - energy [video is sick,but sound still good]
[x] Natty - cold town
[x] The real tuesday weld - bathtime in clerkenwell
[x] Morgan page feat. lissie - the longest road
[x] Amy diamond - big guns [audio]
[x] Feeder - tumble and fall
[x] Scouting for girls - heartbeat
[x] Foals- Electric Bloom [audio]
[x] Sons & Daughters- Darling
[x] Scam - Killer
[x] The Bird and the Bee - Fucking Boyfriend [audio]
[x] Modest mouse - fire it up
[x] Gogol Bordello - Tribal Connection [audio]
[x] Dj vadim feat. emo & syrus - fear feats [audio]
[x] What do you want to change in the world?

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